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@The Willinator wrote:

What is the NRA preferred route? Was looking on the net but could not find a drawing so i did my own instead. Any suggestions or alterations?

There’s not much online regards the route. This is the most accurate I’ve seen so far by someone using a basic paint program (the Red Route).

AFAIK there is a reserved corridor for the purposes of the Eastern Bypass. Route heads north from Sandyford interchange
along existing link road (to be upgraded to mway) then turns east via small tunnel/surface sections through green areas alongside fosters ave, interchange
with N11 at Radisson then tunnel under the bay, surfacing somewhere in the docks. not sure where the southern portal will be. maybe no-one is. 😉

Another thing I’d say is still up in the air is the spot where the M50 will cross the liffey.

This road is inevitable as the East Link Bridge is beyond capacity. Took me 40 mins to get 1 mile from Sandymouint to Ringsend last week.
All because of the East Link ‘que’ 😡

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