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@alonso wrote:

that fucking cabbage garden gnome Cullen

ROFL 😀 Ive never heard a more apt description of Cullen 😀

Re Kefu’s point as to route from Sandyford to Booterstown, just to clarify, I propose a tunnel.

@alonso wrote:

as long as farmer Ivor Bigfield and Councillors Ivana Rezonitforja and Phil McWallett are responsible for the Development process, the sprawl will go on and on and on, until Longford gets a Dublin postcode

– which is another reason why the bypass of the M50 thru Meath and Kildare would be a disaster – motorway junctions in this country are synonymous with rezonings & sprawl. This is not just corrupt rezonings, but also as councils race to the bottom planning-wise trying to make up a commercial rates base in order to offset the loss of a revenue base that went with getting rid of rates in ’79.

@alonso wrote:

all in all a radical rethink is needed in relation to integrated land use and planning, whereas those fucking arses in government can’t even get 1 poxy bus on the streets or one poxy ticketing scheme and Cullen seems incapable of signing railway orders while he manages to sign off on motorway schemes like he was launching his poxy memoirs in Easons.

– Agree 110%. However that does not mean that the motorway circle around Dublin shouln’t be completed – as well

@kefu wrote:

Your suggestion that the eradication of the toll on the Westlink would somehow make a scintilla of a difference is to coin your own phrase “poppycock”.

Where is the main bottleneck on the M50? I’ll give you a clue – it involves a bridge where vehicles have to stop so as to pay; I wonder if you were to ask the drivers of those cars as to whether it makes “a scintilla of a difference” or not, what would they say? I know which way my money is placed on that one 😉

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