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@spoil_sport wrote:

That is of course a fair point, however, there is a level of risk assessment involved in most activities, in a car, you are travelling fast enough that you could, in the event of an accident be launched through the car window, in that case it is prudent to wear a seatbelt. When walking there is a chance of tripping on a crack, but one generally doesn’t wear knee pads, or bring a full first aid kit for that eventuality. The question then is where does cycling fall between these, personally, I don’t see cycling as a dangerous event.
But, untill someone decides to make it law, the wearing of helmets is a matter of choice, which is why it gets on my tits then when people start finger wagging over a photo of someone without a helmet.

I have to say I think that it’s probably more prudent to bring a helmet all the time. But frankly they look stupid and I don’t want to be carrying one around, so I don’t! And I’ll bet that’s the reason most people don’t.

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