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@ac1976 wrote:

I can’t believe only” 14 of the 40 terminals have credit card facilities enabling you to purchase a 3 Day Ticket (Please note that Laser Maestro, VISA Electron debit card and cash are not accepted)”.

It seems the system is designed not to be used by tourists as well as commuters!

Its really odd that there are no stations around The Guinness Storehouse (the most visited, paid for, tourist attraction in the country) and Kilmainham Jail/ IMMA, not to mention our National Museum at Collins barricks, all of which are ideal for them. I guess this was because of the limited number of bikes available.

Ah You see that might be because Dublin got… Ripped Off 😡

– Still less than 1/2 the amount of bikes-per-billboard that Paris got: why did City Council officials agree such a shite deal? Why is there no accountability of decisions made by public sector officials made on our behalf – only a (failed) determination to have tried to have kept the contract away from public sight?

Why, oh why, oh why are there still so many questions as to the lousy deal that the council got for Dubliners? 😡

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