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@kceire wrote:

i asked the planner, why theres no bike stations at the train stations and i was told that these are designed as commuting bikes and small distance travel within the city, not a tourists attraction as such. tourists will still use cycleways and the rent a place at the pheonix park etc etc.

Maybe if they get used less they make more money? (less wear n tear)
Why would you put an advert at st stephens green? with 20,000 people an hour?
The more people that see them will use them… foot fall/high rents/transport hubs is were all advertising wants to be and that’s where the bikes should be…

not for 40 people a day on some back lane street that nobody but locals know about.
The one at St Stephens green would take you 5 minutes to walk to from the station…
You could ride one metro station stop in that time on a bike almost.

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