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I’m not convinced about the locations either.
It strikes me that there is no bike station at the Guinness Storehouse, which must be approx 300M from the station at Christchurch. This is the most visited (paid for) tourist attraction on the country.

It is also close to IMMA (which itseld it about 300M from Heuston Station) and James Hospital and Meath Street, these are ideal locations for the bikes.

I guess DCC are in an indirect way admitting that the number of bikes and stations is inedaquate to serve the city so they have selectively chosen to exclude a whole section fo the city.

I can understand why they have done that, but it is not very public spirited to make decisions without public consulation and without explaining the reasoning for the decisions.
More transparancy is needed here and a better decision making model for Bike Transport decisions.
They (DCC) have already wasted millions of euros painting pretend bike lanes all over the city.

I wonder if the decision to do that was taken by someone who cycles in the city?

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