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@Smithfield Resi wrote:

Not free: The human cost of someone getting seriously hurt or injured by walking out from behind the dangerous footpath ‘metropanels’

@missarchi wrote:

So far five people have been killed on the bikes…
I wonder how?

The same way people are killed on every other kind of bike… I just love that there’s always a comment about how dangerous new things are, especially when they are strictly as dangerous as the identical things they are derived from… Riding a bike in a city is hardly a danger-free thing to do in the best of cases, in fact walking in the street is a pretty risky thing to do too, “metropanels” aren’t going to change that, in fact, they could even be handy shields to protect people from golf umbrellas 😀

@Smithfield Resi wrote:

Love all the spin about ‘free’ bikes

Not free: 50c an hour plus a joining fee.
Not free: €185m in lost revenue to the city

This kind of bike system has never been free to use, as far as I know. I’m wondering if the whole “free” thing isn’t just a mistranslation of the French name “Velib”, the Lib(re) bit meaning Free as in freedom, not as in free of charge… In Paris, it’s 1€ per half hour, so 50c an hour looks pretty good to me.
Where does the “€185m in lost revenue to the city” come from? :confused:

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