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So here’s my multi-million dollar idea for a tiny feature that should have been employed on every bicycle. What’s the most annoying thing about taking out a db? (aside from cracking your fingers off trying to manipulate stubborn saddle adjustment levers). Well, trying to guage the correct saddle level for your height. Indeed this can take the best part of half a minute if you get it wrong once or twice, as is regularly the case, often all the while stressing over whizzing passing traffic and/or trying to hold the bicycle up straight in the cumbersome process.

The solution? A simple incising of the steel saddle pole (to use strict engineering parlance) with numbered notches, or alternatively (and probably more expensively) coloured rings, which would enable the user to instantly adjust the seat, to say, a ‘4’ or a green or blue level. The first option would surely cost extremely little, while making the user experience a lot more efficient.

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