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I think the statistics you’re looking for would be too malleable spoil_sport, and could be manipulated to suit either side of the argument.
Just look at the ones you just used: 18% vs. 2%, sure on face value you could read from that that pedestrians are more in danger than cyclists, but is it not inconceivable that there are at least 9 times more pedestrians on the streets than there are cyclists?

You’re correct in suggesting that it comes down to a matter of perception of danger, probably more on a personal level than a general one.
I would never suggest that cycling is a dangerous activity, personally I feel safer and more in control on a bike than I do in a car, but it is not without its risks.
Carelessness, inexperience and inadequate equipment probably make up the majority of these risks, everything else is perhaps purely a matter of chance and circumstance.

Because of this I can understand why many people choose not to wear a helmet, and why it is difficult to convince them to change their ways.

Possibly the only thing that would alter this situation is legislation, but that doesn’t seem to be a neccessity at the moment.

Maybe someone could devise a trendy helmet?
The ‘Fixie’ of the helmet world. That’d get people wearing them! 😀

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