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Can we please re-title this thread to

“Quarryvale Nua, Carrickmines”?

Noting Justice Fergus Flood referred to Carrickmines previously, and prior to this particular controversy as “the epicenter of planning corruption in Ireland”, it appears nothing has been learnt. Good to see the Jackson Way Junction is now providing rise to yet more mess.

It is hard to escape the assessment that the tribunals have purely been a slow-release valve, which by not imposing significant sanction, have done nothing to deter what is at best ill-informed and irresponsible decision making by elected representatives. So lets make sure to name and shame them, again:

Fine Gael councillors:

Barry Ward

Tom Joyce

Jim O’Leary

John Bailey

Maria Bailey

and of course not to forget:

Independent councillor Gearóid O’Keeffe,

Shame on them, Shame, shame, shame 😡

I also note as reported by Fiona Gartland in the Irish Times that, “councillors had drafted the variation themselves without the benefit of legal advice”.

And we wonder why the Blueshirts are no different to the MaFFia?

There is clearly now no significant credible political party in Leinster House who can give leadership in whom we can have faith. Leadership without legitimacy is an oxymoron.

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