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@Frank Taylor wrote:

If you need some groceries in Foxrock, you just send the au pair up to Thomas’s to pick up some organic champagne or truffle oil.

Ah yes – the liver paté I recommend, and they do a damn good chocolate cake also; certainly beats the political fudge one is used to elsewhere in this borough 🙂

@Frank Taylor wrote:

John Bailey is a very decent man with a life devoted to honesty and integrity and you can read his various saintly exploits here:

Oooh lovely. There’s the “Fake endorsement letter incident” – which his running mate Eugene Regan described as “totally dishonest”… then there’s the “missing golf club planning objection”, and there’s even an internal blueshirt row that ended in a high court row regarding a legal action over candidate selection. And that’s before one looks at his other activities outside politics, in the world of , er, sport:

Bailey tabled a motion of no confidence in Dublin manager Tommy Carr in February 2001. His motion failed, yet his public statements during the following months strongly supported Carr’s position as manager – even to the point of denying that the no confidence motion had ever taken place. On October 1 2001, Carr was removed as manager during a club meeting where the vote was tied and required Bailey’s casting vote as chairman. Carr then confirmed that Bailey had been trying to remove him for the previous 8 months while publicly supporting him. The Dublin Senior Football Team stated they felt
“obliged to respond publicly in a bid to reverse the move, and highlight the lack of integrity involved in the due process…Honesty is demanded from anyone who wears the Dublin jersey. We expect it from our selectors and from our manager. Should we not, at least, expect honesty from our officials?”

Don’t we have such lovely fellows as our elected bureaucrats 🙂

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