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At least NAMA can go straight to the courts and not via the Irland’s politically correct planning process when dealing with protected structures.

I was involved with a Listed terrace and despite years of neglect by a Government Department and the wholesale degradation of the upper floors, needing significant intervention just to keep the whole terrace standing and the facade from falling into the street, the Inspector receommended refusal.

You could punch the transverse wall on the top floor and it would move a half an inch and the inspector witnessed this.
You could stick three fungers easily into the friable brickwork on one of the party walls and I showed him this.

Having been assessed to current standards, the building should have already fallen down and we were taking a risk just walking around.
Yer maun, Carl Kent I think it was, still recommended refusal – luckily the board saw the sense in what we were doing.

As for NAMA going to the courts, the legal profession are not philistines – many of them are living (as opposed to working) in listed buildings themselves, so they know a thing or two about them from a practical as well as from an aesthetic point of view.

And they know a thing about timely intervention.


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