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I work in the general area of those buildings and have had a few conversations with some of the RHA artists, local residents and business owners, and even with the Dublin City Council Conservation Officers. It seems clear that the property’s owner isn’t particularly bothered about the damage, or even to his own liabilities. At least one of the front basement doors has been fully smashed in and we’ve been told that once inside, the entire property is accessible. Access is also easy from the rear laneway, if you are willing to climb a few downpipes. A similar problem exists at Aldborough House, a massive late 18th century Mansion on Portland Row. The lead and copper were stripped last year and the interior is now nearly totally ruined. Dublin City Council have been pressing the property owners, some of whom have gone bust, and they have issued Enforcement and Endangerment Notices. Still nothing has been done.

One would think that a location like Hume Street/Ely Place would be relatively safe. There is a diverse mix of offices, flats, houses, restaurants, government offices, etc sprinkled around the old hospital site, but still the vandalism happens without any bother. Without an interested and active owner, it is very difficult for the public authorities to assert their “authority”.

We’ve been told that Dublin City Council would be encouraged, or prodded, to act if pressure was put on the local councillors, etc. I guess the Labour Party officials have been somewhat busy as of late, perhaps they’ll notice what’s going on just outside their rear windows now?

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