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MIchael Kelly wanted to restructure the loan last year.. can’t imagine he did

I am one of the campaign starters and there has been some progress with making contacts behind the scenes…This is not the only historic building in Namaland. It will probably be a political shove in the end to get the council in…. though one source (I won’t name) say they are following it up immediately.

I worked next door in the RHA studios for the past 4 months and, though familiar with the roofscapes it just suddenly was a mess about 3 weeks ago. I heard trucks in Bell’s lane late one weekend and didn’t question it. The Gardai have been very quiet, but they were looking for CCTV from the Dept. of Justice and Law Reform … how embarrasing. I sent emails with all this info and more to NAMA, AIB, Gardai press office, Minister etc..

It is so sick – I even said I’d get a team up with plastic sheeting and I wouldn’t have to break in as the place is open. The other thing for the neighborhood is syringes and the place being used for “whatever” – right there amongst all those gov offices. A front door is on the latch for God’s sake. A neighbor paid for the railings on the portico – it had turned into a home.. I know people need places, but it was a mess and I don’t blame him. We had a series of breakins in December all around those 2 streets.. the gardai aren’t Mr. Kelly’s private security service.

Michael Kelly is totally unsresponsive and disrespectful to his neighbors
MIchael Kelly won’t respond.. ……..end of rant –

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