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@Seanselon wrote:

Darkman, you miss my point. My impression of your thinking is that, size is everything. Such places as Shanghai, KL even Dubai are emerging as high rise disasters. Even closer to home, Canary Wharf is a rather souless and bland high rise experiment.

I’m not anti-skyscraper, but I think it is a mistake to build them simply for their own sake and certainly not overnight.

Im not arguing for Skyscrapers or to turn Dublin into Shanghai or anything like that. What im saying is we build too small. Even the most rose tinted spectacles of some contributers would see this is the case.

RE: the previous poster. I dont think there is enough anger. The failure to make the most of the boom is down to a feckless attitude I dont think you actually see anywhere else on the planet. Maybe its a deep inferiority complex i.e ah sure were only Irish……..

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