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Should the Hill16 end be finished to raise the capacity to 90,000 at an extremely large cost to make the stadium look ‘more balanced’.
Is it not satisfactory to have a stadium with a finished capacity of 82,500. This is more than sufficient for this country, it’s a stadium not a white elephant.
To move the rail line would involve CPO of people’s back gardens on the adjoining roads by Iarnrod Eireann and govt, (to assist the expansion of the stadium to 90k?), and potential overshadowing of houses in the viscinity which I am sure will be very learned of the planning process post Lansdowne Road episode that is now looming.
Croker looks great and its big enough for Gaelic Games. There are very few stadiums larger in all of Europe for conventional field sports. Really to pay for such an expansion would require significant public expensiture which, in my opinion, would be better spent on upgrading Thomond Park and Semple Stadium. 😮

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