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I tend to agree that croke park looks a bit unfinished, one side of hill16 slopes down drastically towards the hogan stand, its a pity really. It would look absolutely amazing if the bowl was completed, the capacity would be around 90,000 then i think, they could also maintain a standing terrace on the lower tier with the upper tiers reserved for seating, this is whats done in many german stadia such as the westfalenstadion in dortmund,the waldstadion in frankfurt and the allianz arena in munich, all with great success. Its unlikely that we’ll see the hill 16 end “completed” in the near future especially with the proximity of the railway line but also because the GAA have only just spent €20 million on the new terrace.

Whats the current situation regarding the croke park floodlights?, i know they got planning permission, i presume this has been challenged by the local residents?

Also does anyone else think the new landsdowne road has been ruined somewhat with that single tiered section, like croke park its going to look somewhat imbalanced!

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