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That’s exactly my point. The chimney stacks are all we have to show in our skyline. And while I’d admit it would make a huge difference to the Dublin skyline if the chimneys were removed (and I would kinda miss them deep down), it’s a pity that our skyline is 2 big chimneys and a big pointy spike – BTW I do love the Spire 😉 Whilst flying into most medium to large developed cities around the world, the first thing that strikes you is the skyscrapers. When I flew into Perth, Australia a few years ago, the view of the city skyline was amazing. And when flying into Toronto, the view was equally spectacular. The plane was nearly on the ground before I even noticed the CN Tower, simply because my eye was drawn to the huge cluster of 50-60 story buildings. Even from the plane, I could tell that I was arriving in a modern and thriving city just from the style and architecture of the buildings. If I was arriving into Dublin by plane for my first time and all I could see was 2 big chimney stacks and a huge low-rise urban sprawl, I reckon I’d assume it’s a fairly non-developed non-descirpt large town.

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