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Any structure over 2.0M tall requres planning permission in such a location.

If this is a sanity threatening thing you could plant screen planting circa 900mm from the boundary.
The dreaded Lelandii can top five metres while your back is turned, but you’ll neve be free of the things.

You may find that sending your wife around (unless you are the wife) could be the best way to deal with this.
But then your wife could befriend the other woman and before you know it her horrible kids may be in your house!

You could threaten to report the kids

– to their school, assuming they go to school or
– to the police, citing anti-social /abusive behaviour and loss of privacy.

What have you got to lose?

Also, don’t take that “its not my problem” nonsense from the Council.
Threatening them with a personal injuries claim because you’re having a nervous breakdown might be a little over the top…

Still you never know…

Refrain from “highly illegal” things –

Don’t just tell the kids to f**k off.
That could get you a verbal repreminand.

Don’t video them and put them on Youtube.
That could open up a can of worms for you to deal with.

Don’t buy a slingshot and use them for target practice.
The police would definitely have something to talk to you about.


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