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      HI, Firstly apologies if this is not a forum that welcomes these types of questions but I find myself in a situation where I need some educated advice.

      Background, The house behind me is a council owned house in a private estate. The tenants have a trampoline overlooking my house/garden. We cant use the garden for having kids shouting over at us or firing stuff over the wall. I approached the tenant to see if there was anything she could do. Her reply was to build a and free standing claimbing frame which is towering over the boundry wall. Upon making a cup of tea one saturday morning in Boxer shorts I had kids shouting over asking what I was looking at. This was wrong in many ways so we decided to erect fence panelling on top of the wall to buy back some privacy.

      I had approached the council but they did nothing. No laws apparently against 10ft climbing frames or trampolines.

      5 Weeks after erecting the fencing and enjoying some privacy again I had the council tenant come to the house to inform me that she had reported me to planning and to expect a visit oh yes and if I didnt like being overlooked I should move to the country .
      My question to you is if I did get called on by the planning authorities requesting that I take down, could I legally get away with putting it on stils infront of but not adjoined to the wall?? Apologies again if this is not the right forum of if anyone is insulted by me posting this here but as I say, just not sure where to turn on this one and that council tenant is unapproachable to say the least. All I want is some level of privacy back. The fence panelling is 3ft high on an existing 6ft high wall. BTW, I know the answer to this is to discuss with the tenant and come to a mutual agreement like adults BUT I have tried and she is unapproachable, no willingness to even discuss.

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      One option to consider might be a mirror fence but they might break it!

      cross that bridge when you come to it…
      You can always invoke scruby screen with creepers

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      Any structure over 2.0M tall requres planning permission in such a location.

      If this is a sanity threatening thing you could plant screen planting circa 900mm from the boundary.
      The dreaded Lelandii can top five metres while your back is turned, but you’ll neve be free of the things.

      You may find that sending your wife around (unless you are the wife) could be the best way to deal with this.
      But then your wife could befriend the other woman and before you know it her horrible kids may be in your house!

      You could threaten to report the kids

      – to their school, assuming they go to school or
      – to the police, citing anti-social /abusive behaviour and loss of privacy.

      What have you got to lose?

      Also, don’t take that “its not my problem” nonsense from the Council.
      Threatening them with a personal injuries claim because you’re having a nervous breakdown might be a little over the top…

      Still you never know…

      Refrain from “highly illegal” things –

      Don’t just tell the kids to f**k off.
      That could get you a verbal repreminand.

      Don’t video them and put them on Youtube.
      That could open up a can of worms for you to deal with.

      Don’t buy a slingshot and use them for target practice.
      The police would definitely have something to talk to you about.


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      I would say contact the police about this matter. Its clearly a case of antisocial behaviour.

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      Paul Clerkin

      Something quick growing is needed – maybe some sort of vines and two clothes line poles at eiher end with a series of wires strung across for the vines to fill in

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      Hi Flanders1

      I can empathise with the dilemma that you are in!

      My suggested solution would be to buy some “Pleached Trees” preferably “Pleached Photinia” or similar evergreen trees. I would plant them maybe 3 feet from the wall and then behind them adjacent to the wall plant some fast growing Bamboo. Plant them well in well fertilised soil and you will have an instant screen that will be as effective as a fence (albeit more expensive in the short term) and a lot more attractive.

      PM me if you want any further advice.

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