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a boyle

i was hoping to focus more on the planning issues , not simply a checklist. It seems to me that overall there is still no vision for the city ,and more importantly dublin and it’s surrounding counties. Where there is vision (heuston , smithfield, city markets, ifsc, docklands, etc etc, ) we just are not getting it right. not even close.

I am scepticle that money is the problem , as the city council have never had so much to spend. With years long housing ‘crisis’ it seems fundamentally wrong that the living over a shop scheme failed dismally.

Is it tax ? would a use it or lose approach to inner dublin help ? (ie annual tax on the value of the house )

Is it that city planning is entirely driven in responce to planning applications or not (ie the planners evaluate prososals for agreement with the development plan, instead of applicants looking to the development plan and basing their apllication on it.)

What about heritage : there is loads of buildings protected , but there is certainly no sense of areas where we will strive restore, areas where we will only conserve, and areas where if an idea is good enough demolition is ok.

then there is transport. I happened to get the bus instead of the tram to work today , what a joke! apperently i was in a fantastic bus lane. Well a guy got off and walked , twenty minutes later i look out the window and he passes by. What is going on ? at best we are looking at twenty years to build the transport network up. What the fuck do we do till then ?

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