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jdivision; maybe in the current climate (economies everywhere imploding, not just in your neck of the woods) owners will get more ‘realistic’ about rents and tenancies and value occupancy over empty. Saw this place in Dec; thought it a waste that the great space was compromised, but thought the sub-division had been done in the least offensive way. One of Dublin’s great interiors, surely.
When will the basement open? That will be a tour-de-force – anyone any pics?

One of the city’s great interiors? Yes. Does it even begin to live up to what was promised in terms of retail mix? Definitely not. Does it even get close? No. Questions have to be asked about how it was handled, and the fact that the DDDA was willing to sell it off to a developer for less than what it cost to develop is illustrative. The fact he pulled out of the deal even more so. How any project can have 25% of its build cost go on professional fees is beyond me.
shopping centre landlords are proactively taking steps that you suggest. Rents are being reduced by many owners for those retailers who can produce documentary proof of their struggles. That would be a lot of them these days.
They can’t find anyone for the basement, terence conran pulled out ages ago

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