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@BTH wrote:

An awful lot will depend on the mix of retailers. If they get the balance right it has the potential to be a whole new shopping hub for the city, eventually connecting across to the new Markets area. If they can’t attract at least one or two destination retailers (im thinking Borders Books, Virgin Megastore, NikeTown, etc) then i’d see them having huge difficulty in making it a viable and vibrant place to travel to to from the city core to shop.

From an interview I did with Simon Kelly (one of the developers of Smithfield Market):
“We see Fresh as the catalyst for the whole Smithfield estate, where you go because there’s good stores on offer and it’s different to other areas. There’ll be a Thomas Reads pub, a Starbucks, a few health shops and an O’Brien’s sandwich bar there too. We want to bring something a bit different,” he said.

“That’s why we control all of the retail we developed in Smithfield.

“Over the investment cycle it will pay you, if you take in some of the people who aren’t as strong but who bring customers. If you just go for the highest rent and the most boring brands, there will be nothing in the end.”

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