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@notjim wrote:

They certainly lost any sympathy I had for them when they started gluing posters to public property. Wankers.

Yeah I agree – let’s hang the bastards

Look at this – I photoed it earlier on Molesworth St][/IMG]

And a better view of this in context can be seen here –

OMG 😮 …What’s that other bit of sticky litter? Hmmm, a closer view reveals this –

Sticky litter by that well-known pro-business magazine, Magill! So the Capitalist Running Dogs are at this as well as the Left-wing Pinkos!

If the truth be told, this is not the first time that I have seen Magill stickers adorning street furniture – I have seen them around the place for at least the last 18 months. Magill is a private venture with a commercial agenda; whatever excuse there might be for a not-for-profit campaign, there is absolutely no excuse for a supposedly professional outfit. Has Magill been fined – now there’s the question 😉

In any event, if notjim or any of the rest of you feel strongly enough about this, feel free to contact their editor, Eamon Delaney, at – you can even pass on huttons regards 😀

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