Re: Re: Riverpoint, Limerick


@lexington wrote:

Took a right good look around Riverpoint yesterday – my first time since construction was complete and I have to say it looks great! If ever there was an advocate for considered high-rise, I think the Limerick quays display it aptly. Michael Daly (Fordmount Properties) and BKD seem to have drawn on American influences for the tower element, nonetheless it is well suited – I’m even happier to know that’s its use is predominantly office based rather than residential. I arrived at Riverpoint just as sunset and the building certainly came it to its own reflecting not only the river, but the multitude of golds, blues, greens and dusky greys provided by the fading sunlight of the evening sky. I wonder will the 10-storey element to the east detract from the tower’s impact however?

Well done to all involved and well done Limerick.

That looks brilliant !! Well done to everyone in Limerick 🙂 Will this mean that the building skyline will increase to be in line with this new development ? It looks great btw:)

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