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We wait with bated breath…

Its the centerpiece of the last Venice Biennale 2010 Irish Pavilion


“The Irish pavilion at Venice, in the eighteenth century oratory of Irish monk St. Gall near
Piazza San Marco, will address de Blacam and Meagher’s built and unbuilt portfolio of
the last 33 years and will mark the donation of these documents to the Irish Architectural
Archive. The exhibition will take the form of a book unbound, containing volumes of
drawings and photographic reproductions from the archive, contemporary photography
and readings of the works with commentaries. As both archive and reading room, the
space will be furnished with and lit by items from the de Blacam and Meagher archive.”

“Formed in 1976, this architectural practice has built houses and places of work,
commerce, education and worship. In turn, the influence of de Blacam and Meagher
has permeated the many facets of Irish life with a distinct cultural presence. The quality
of their work has been recognised both in Ireland and Internationally, and the book
Architects Today refers to them as “the godfathers of contemporary Irish architecture”.
Known for their focus on making simple buildings and the employment of beautiful and
sustainable materials, some of their best-known buildings in Ireland include Cork
Institute of Technology, Chapel of Reconciliation at the Catholic shrine at Knock, Co.
Mayo, the Samuel Beckett Theatre Dublin and the restoration of the Dining Hall and
Atrium in Trinity College Dublin for the University’s 400th anniversary celebrations.”

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