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Out of curiosity, S.O.S or Pot Noodle, what’s the industry norm cost to build a large segment-headed two-over-two sash window from scratch? Obviously I don’t want to start WWlll here, but a ballpark figure would be much appreciated.

(apologies, not looking for work at the minute)

And perhaps to steer things to a more constructive end, what sort of challenges are you facing in terms of energy conservation versus authentic design considerations? Particularly in relation to double glazing, but also Low-E glass etc. How have you found local authorities in their attitudes towards preserving the integrity of windows of Protected Structures you’ve worked on? Do they give a toss over detailing? How do you advise your clients that insist on an insulation gain with their reproduction sashes over first generation PVC they’re replacing?

It’d be most interesting to hear your thoughts on these matters given you’re at the coal face.

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