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Here is another French example of a Rood Screen

And a rather interesting little text I happened upon:

In the West, an iconostasis
(image-covered wall separating the nave (where
the people stand) from the
chancel (where the Altar is) is documented well before 1000 A.D., and well before such “rood” screens were used in the Christian East.

Anglo-Saxon churches had a wall between the nave and the chancel. The earliest recorded example of such a screen or wall comes from St. Brigid of Ireland’s church at the Oak. Curtains covered the door-openings in the solid wall, and sacred imagery decked the entire wall. The image here shows a very late development of the screen, in regard to its open-ness and the rood sculptures.

The Rood Screen at Sligo Abbey

A plain Cornish Rood Screen in a parish church

The Elizabethskirche in Marburg

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