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This is from the first page that comes up when you type ‘georgian wired glass’ into google.


Old-style Wired Glass (known as Georgian Wired Glass) is NOT a true Safety Glass to BS 6206. Although sometimes safer than plain annealed glass, it should not be used in risk situations unless further protected. Wired glass is a rolled Annealed Glass containing 12.5mm steel mesh that does not contribute to its strength (the wires actually introduce planes of weakness) but helps contain broken pieces. It offers more security than non-wired annealed glass, as it is relatively difficult to penetrate the mesh. It also offers more fire-resistance than clear Annealed Glass, and often provides an inexpensive solution in this area. Wired Glass has several appropriate uses but its visual appearance may not be acceptable to some specifiers who often prefer a fully clear (more expensive) option for aesthetic reasons. A Wired Safety Glass has become available in recent years – a true BS6206 Safety Glass – gaining strength from a thicker wire.

Whats the bets Cobh Cathedral got lumbered with the old cheap version of Georgian Wire.:(

What were they thinking about anyway using this material, which as Praxiteles has pointed out simply obscures the beauty & craftsmanship of the original stained glass. . .Conservation my arse. . I for one am glad this practice has finally been outed & discredited. . .I personally never liked the look of it.

Reading through the glass .pdf the general consensus seems to be ‘leave well alone’.

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