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Admiral Sir Lewis Bayly:

Some further information:

King’s College London
Liddell Hart Centre for Military Archives

Survey of the Papers of Senior UK Defence Personnel, 1900-1975
BAYLY, Sir Lewis (1857-1938), Admiral
Service biography
Joined RN 1870; HMS ENCOUNTER, Ashanti 1873; expedition against pirates, River Congo 1875; HMS AGINCOURT, Egyptian War 1882; commanding destroyers, HMS ATTENTIVE, Home Fleet 1907-1908; President, RN War College 1908-1911; commanding 1 Battle Cruiser Sqn 1911-1912; 3 Battle Sqn 1913-1914; World War I 1914-1918; commanding 1 Battle Sqn 1914-1915; President, RN College Greenwich 1915; Commander-in-Chief Western Approaches, Queenstown Command, Ireland 1915-1919; retired 1919

BRITISH LIBRARY, DEPARTMENT OF MANUSCRIPT COLLECTIONS, LONDON: The papers of AF John Rushworth Jellicoe, 1st Earl Jellicoe, include correspondence 1914-1918 (ref: Add MS 49009); IMPERIAL WAR MUSEUM, LONDON: The papers of Alexander Barrie, who was commissioned to write a biography of Bayly, contain extensive correspondence and files relating to Bayly’s World War I command, including; letters from United States Naval officers serving in the Queenstown Command 1917-1919; armistice telegrams and general orders, coast of Ireland, 11 Nov 1918; Bayly’s statement to the Admiralty on the operations and success of the joint RN-United States Navy Queenstown Command, Dec 1918; two letters from AF David Beatty, 1st Earl Beatty of the north Sea and Brooksby, to Bayly 1914-1915; extensive correspondence with Adm Gordon Campbell 1916-1930; letter from AF Sir Hedworth Meux 1915; two letters from AF Sir Roger Keyes 1920; file on loss of HMS FORMIDABLE 1914, including correspondence with Admiralty, 1914-1919, concerning the inquiry into its sinking; typescript account of Queenstown Command 1916-1919; including an account of the role of naval intelligence in the suppression of the Easter Rising, Dublin 1916; typescript account by Charles Dix of service as Flag Lt to Bayly 1911-1916 (written in 1935); correspondence and ephemera relating to post-war reunions of the Queenstown Association; papers relating to ‘Q’ Ships, including correspondence of Adm Gordon Campbell; midshipman and later service records 1870-1899; papers of Adm Sir Dudley de Chair (ref: P38-41) include a single letter from Bayly 1916

: Pull together: The memoirs of Admiral Sir Lewis Bayly (G G Harrap & Co, London, 1939); Edward Keble Chatterton, Danger zone: The story of the Queenstown command (Rich & Cowan, London, 1934)

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