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Admiral Bayly (extreme right) on a visit to the United States in February 1921 and seen here with the US Admiral Simms who had commanded the American fleet in Queenstown:

Lewis Bayly died on 16 May 1938. His body was cremated after a simple service at the Side Chapel at St. Michaels.

An account of his funeral:

May 31,1938.

Dear Roger:

I have just had a long letter from Miss Voysey telling me about Admiral Bayly’s death and funeral. I thought you might be interested in her description of the services and give you an extract of her letter verbatim:

“The Admiralty wanted to give him a full Naval funeral, but I said no, it was so unlike him. So when I took him down to the side Chapel at St. Michaels at 7 a.m. Wednesday – the sun was shining and I felt so happy about him. The Admiralty took charge at the church and he went back to his old service, amongst all his Admirals, for his last journey. The wreath was lovely. I asked for no flowers, but said I would be proud to have some from his American friends, so they were mostly from you all, and the Admiralty. Only one wreath I put next to him, the Queenstown Association’s. The others went to the Cenotaph with an officer in uniform. The Queenstown wreath I took with me to Golders Green where I scattered his ashes out in the open in the Garden of Remembrance. I placed this wreath on them.”

I thought I might send this extract to some of the people who have written me and with whom I communicated about his death. Before doing so, however, I should appreciate your comments and suggestions.

Yours ever,

Roger Williams, Esq.,
Newport News Shipbuilding Co.,
Newport News, Virginia.

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