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Longford Cathedral:

Longford’s Dublin Association to honour St Mel for : 19 February 2010
By Aisling Kiernan
This year the Longford Association in Dublin has nominated St Mel as the Longford person of the year. St Mel is the patron saint of the Diocese of Ardagh and Clonmacnois and the ill fated Cathedral which was gutted by fire last Christmas morning is also named after him.
Chairperson of the Longford Association in Dublin, Yvonne McCorrmack explained the significant of nomonating a dead saint as this year’s Longford person and highligted the impact that the devestating fire at St Mel’s Cathedral had on Longfordians notjust in Dublin, but also on those living all over the world.

“The idea to nominate St Mel as this year’s Longford Person of the year, grew out of the fire on Christmas morning at the Cathedral in Longford town,” the chairperson said. “It was such a shocking thing to happen and I suppose people from Longford living in Dublin really wanted to do something.

“The fire was historic and the impact that it had on the hearts of Longfordians all over the world made us all realise that this was not just a hsitorical event but it was also a great tragedy. So we decided at our recently held AGM that it would be important to acknowledge what had happened and explore the various ways in which we could raise funds that would help to rebuild the Cathedral. An so it was at that point that it seemed so fitting to nominate St Mel as the Longford Person of the Year.”

Ms McCorrmack went on to say that while money would be raised in the coming weeks – following the sale of tickets for the annual dinner dance – she also pointed out that plans were in place to hold a bumber raffle on the night and that anyone who wished to donate to that was more than welcome to do so. “

This year’s Longford Association in Dublin Annual Dinner takes place in the Red Cow Moran Hotel on April 24 and once again a massive turnout is expected for the event .

“The association’s input cannot be assessed until we know how much money we have available to us and we won’t be in a position to establish that until the fundraising is finished,” Ms McCormack said. “Then we will speak to Bishop Colm O’Reilly in an effort to establish the best way in which the associiation can help to rebuild St Mel’s Cathedral.”

For futher details on helping out, contributing, donating or buying tickets for this very worthy cause contact Yvonne McCormack on (086) 8548282 (086) 8548282

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