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@Quillber wrote:

Am i the only one who would rather not look at the term ‘Irish Catholic Church’ at the moment?

Well Quibber no one is forcing you to look at this thread…it must of nearly killed you to type ‘Irish Catholic Church’..or did you get someone else to type that bit for you?

@Quillber wrote:

In a forum dedicated to global regeneration projects and architectural development, isn’t there a church related forum you can find?

Yes there is & this is it & were here to stay BTW…Isn’t there a “I’m an ignorant rude twat” forum you can find?

@Quillber wrote:

You aren’t discussing Irish churches anyway.

Yes we are discussing Irish Church Buildings & Church architecture in generel including many other related topics…try reading it sometime…or if you can’t be arsed try getting someone else to read it to you at your bedtime.

@Quillber wrote:

*quotes last 257 pages*

holy fetishist?

Do you realize just how insulting that is to all the more learned contributors to this thread down through the years? …You should apologize for that:mad:

Finally I’m just gonna quote rumpelstiltskin’s subtle use of wording directed at you here from the thread Interconnector aka DART underground..where you also made a complete tit of youself.

@rumpelstiltskin wrote:

Well I can see why you’re lost because the idiocy of the whole post hints are your egregiously limited intellectual capacity.

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