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. The altar is sited where it is because CB #48 states: ‘It (the altar) should be so placed as to be a focal point on which the attention of the whole congregation centres naturally’…. . Again, CB makes no reference to a height relationship between Cathedra and Altar. It is reasonable to assume that the liturgical law quoted in McConnell’s book (if not formally abrogated) is de facto so….. McConnell’s book is a wonderful book and I refer to it from time to time. I find it very useful for historical / traditional purposes but it should be remembered that it and the law quoted / referred to within it has been superceded.

On the question of the construction of an altar and the ened to have it raised on a predella, let me quote paragraph no. 61 of Peter Elliott’s important work Ceremonies of the Modern Roman Rite, Ignatius Press, San Francisco, second revised edition, 2005, at page 62, commenting on the GIRM says:

The steps around the altar should be planned carefully so that all the people can participate visually and so that the ceremonies can be carried out conveniently. The Missal assumes that can be celebrated either facing the people or facing the altar. A new main altar should be built to make it possible to celebrate Mass either way. therefore there should ample space on the footpace or “predella” on both sides of a freestanding altar for the celbrant to stand and genuflect and also so that he may conveniently walk around the altar when he insenses it. The footpace is usually covered with fine quality carpet

A further problem with the present arrangement of the altar in Armagh is the proportion employed between the rather large sanctuary floor on which the the altar is sitting, and the dimensions of the altar itself. It appears to be rather small for its rather expansive setting. That problem could be partially remedied by raising it on a smaller sized predella.

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