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St, Colman’s Cathedral, Cobh Co. Cork.

Recently, Praxiteles received an extraordinary bundle of documentation which was wrenched from the public service by means of a Freedom of Information Request to which response had to be made despite a certain reluctance in the same service to “share” information with the publich which continues to pay these people even in critical economic times. It makes for highly interesting reading and Praxiteles hpoes to Share some fot eh costlier nuggets with readers over the coming weeks.

Firstly, we now know for certain that the collapse of the Bath sheeting on the south arcade was inceed cause by water ingress not only form the roof .which was defectively installed during the 1990s reatoration- but also from the the external walls. Praxiteles believed that the pointing on the South facade had been incompenently done during the restoration works in the 1990s. Praxiteles now reads that this was not the case. Instead, it turns out that having grotted out the original pointing to the limestone courses on the south facade IT WAS NOT REPLACED AT ALL. Can you imagine that!

Read for yourself:

“Although it was initially felt that the heating system was causing the decay (of the Bath stone), due to condensation, the infra-red syrvey showed that this was not the case. This lead to an examination of the external stone fabric and it was discovered thatthe fine joints of the limestone were not repointed during restoration works carried out in the 1990s. It is now thought that the water ingress through these fine limestone joints could be the cause of the internal stone decay”.

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