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Just to prove the point by reference to contemporary records, here we have a gushing description of the 1993-2000 “restoration” work published on the Cobh Cathedral web site by a vapid clerical gusher:

“St. Colman’s Cathedral, Cobh, Co. Cork. Ireland.

In 1992, it was discovered that the roof-slates of St. Colman’s Cathedral were crumbling to dust. It was necessary to re-slate immediately or risk the entire building in a storm. Further inspection revealed that the years had taken their toll on other parts of the structure also. If this beautiful building was to be handed on to the next generations, a major restoration was necessary.

The Restoration Project was established. The projected cost was estimated at £3.25 – £4 million. The work was divided into a series of phases to be spread over 10 years. The Restoration work began in 1993.

To date a sizeable part of this work has been completed. The roof has been completely re-slated. All damage to roof cresting, leadwork and drainage has been repaired. The granite exterior stonework has been cleaned and pointed. The stained glass windows were storm glazed and re-leaded where necessary. 1995 – 1996 has seen the cleaning and pointing on the spire from top to ground. The building has been rewired to full safety standards. All this work has been paid for at a cost of £2 million.

Several stages remain and will require close on a further £2 million to complete. To date funding has come from the people of the diocese, from the people of Cobh (one third) and from donations from the private and corporate sectors. We will continue to need this support if the work is to be completed. It is hoped to have the Restoration Project substantially completed for the Great Millennium, the year 2000 A.D.”

Here is the accompanying photograph of the “restoraton” work:

As far as pointing is concerened and works to conserving the fabric, I am afraid that we cannot avoid the conclusion that since several of these have failed in their objectives in the relatively short time span of ten years, the funds expended on them must of necessity be regarded as having been wasted. It also appears that the guttering along the South elevation must be replaced as the specimens installed in 1993-2000 have failed. Moreover, the beautiful building has been handed over to the successive generation in tatters.

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