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The pulpit in Antwerp Cathedral, built in 1713,formerly belonged to the Abbey of St Bernard but was installed here in 1803:

“This oak pulpit, which was made by Michiel van der Voort (1667-1737) in 1713 for the St Bernard Abbey in Hemiksem, is richer in meaning than some sermons. It has been in the Our Lady’s Cathedral since 1804.
The banisters in the form of stems, branches and twigs, as well as the trees that hold up the sound-board that covers the casket, look very realistic. Indeed, so do the birds (among which are a parrot, a crane and a small owl) and other animals who have found a place in the lush vegetation. According to St Bernard, nature was an important source of inspiration for the faithful, and the pulpit recalls it vividly.
The base on which the casket rests consists of four female figures, each embodying a continent: Europe, Asia, America and Africa. Indeed, the word of God was to be spread across the whole of the then-known world. On the baroque casket itself the faces of Christ, Mary and St Bernard are depicted in relief. The cherubs at the edge of the sound-board in rococo style create the impression that they carry the board up with them. In a halo of light the Holy Ghost, present as a white dove, spreads its wings, while at the very top a large angel trumpets the Joyous Message. In spite of the mix of styles – naturalism, baroque, rococo – this pulpit forms an unmistakable whole that belongs to the pinnacle of Flemish sculpture”.

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