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And another one showing teh west facade built in the late 1880s by Barry McMullan of Cork and the west door which has been armed with its magnificent strappwork which was designed by G. c. Ashlin between November 1888 and January 1890. The designs were executed by James Fagan and Sons of Dublin. The detail fo the plans drawn up by Ashlin for this metal work is quite incredible and exhibits a thorough knowledge and understanding of French medieval ironwork – which betwen 1840 and 1870 had been well publicised by A.N. Didron in his Annales Archéologique. It is fairly clear that the metal work here has that of the north door of the west facade of Notre Dame in paris as a prototype. Unfortunately, the present conservation officer in Cork Conty Council cannot bring herself to nothing more than “hinges” in this superb peice of work. That of course such attention should be lavished on the west door comes as no surprise as it symbolizes Christ ans his logion “I am the door” which was said in reference to teyh temple in Jerusalem. Again as in cases of elaborated armament of doors in medieval French Cathedrals, the door is overlooked by the Christ in his majesty – just as we see here but with all sorts of local and particular details. On the symbolism of the door and its being the way through which we enter the Church (and church) more can bee seen in William Durandus’ Rationale Divinorum Officiorum, part one.

Same door a little later with the steps completed but teh tromeau remains empty and teh flanking statues of St Joseph and St John the Baptist have not yet appeared.

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