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Regarding the theological assessment of the results of the liturgical reform of the 1970s, we are more than well aware of the extremes: the Lefebrian movement in France represening an extreme right wing approach; and the Bugnini faction representing an extreme left wing approach which managed to impose its outlook because of its grip on the levers of ecclesiastical power during the period 1966-1975.

However, there is a much more important group of middle-ground theologians whose views on the outcome of the liturgical movement of the 1940s and the liturgical reforms of the 1960s and 1970s are, up to very recently, less well known. Many were involved with the liturgical movement and could be classified as moderate reformers. All, however, expressed very serioud reservations as to the outcome of Bugnini’s impositions.

Among these middle ground liturgical refornmers, the best known is Joseph Ratzinger. However, others include Louis Bouyer, Claus Gamber, Cardinal Ferdinano Antonelli. Their view point -that not everything had gone as it was supposed to have gone- found official endorsement in the encyclical letter Vicesimus Quintus Annus of 1989 when it was first officially acknowledged that not all was well in the liturgical garden.

An account of Bouyer’s critique of the extremism of Bugnini is to be found in a study by Davide Zordan entitled Connaissance et Mystére. L’Iteneraire theologique de Louis Bouyer, Paris (Cerf), 2008, Chapter II, pp. 133-250.

Praxiteles recommends a close reading to the Cloyne HACK.

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