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Re Oral Hearing into the reordering of Cobh Cathedral

Attached is the latest financial statement returned to the Companies’ Office by the St Colman’s Catholic Trust Company. It is signed by Bishop Magee and dated 15 September 2005 and covers the year ending 2003. At the Oral Hearing, it was stated that the legal expenses incurred by the Trustees of St. Colman’s Cathedral (a completely different body) would be covered by the Restoration Fund i.e. The St Colman’s Cathedral Catholic Trust Company. However, it would not seem that the Fund is entitled to disburse funds to any body other than the Cathedral Restoration fund. Perhaps someone could study this anomaly and advise.

Note carefully the half truths mentioned in the chairman’s report on page 3. We are told that a communication process was undertaken to tell the diocese about Professor O’Neill’s plans and presumably consult. In the next paragraph we are told that planning application was submitted on 18 July 2005. The planning application was in fact submitted to Cobh Town Council BEFORE anybody was either told or consulted about it. The omniscent Brian McCutcheon, when cross examined on this point, admitted that he had taken a decision to present the planning application in parallel with the consultation process. His understanding of parallel, however, meant that the application had been lodged before the consultation began. When cross examined on the point, he admitted (to howls of laughter) that his understanding of “consultation” was different!!!!

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