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I was doing some research on Apse’s when i found this… it shows some computer generated images of a church for 2010…the overall idea is i think is good & well thought out but maybe a missing some ceiling detail!

The Program
This church design provides a solution for a very particular set of circumstances not found in every church program. As such, the “Church for 2010” is not meant to be seen as a “best” or “model” liturgical arrangement, nor are the arrangements presented here advocated for all situations. An individual congregation may well want to make different choices concerning the arrangement of the liturgical furnishings and seating according the norms set by the ordinary of their diocese and the revised General Instruction of the Roman Missal.
The architects of this particular church design were given a complex and difficult program, one which mirrors requests often made by design and building committees. The architects were asked to design a church which provided: seating for 1000 people with maximum proximity to the altar, a full immersion baptistery, devotional and penitential chapels, and a Blessed Sacrament chapel separated from the main body of the church. At the same time, the architects were instructed to provide a worthy and dignified building which spoke of continuity with Catholic tradition, included a rich iconographic program making the liturgical realities of the cosmic liturgy present to those in the building, gave a clear prominence to the altar, and which provided a truly fitting and prayerful place of repose for the Blessed Sacrament.

I am afraid that this solution will not work liturgically – and as for continuity with the Tradition, then the inscription on the frieze well…in English?

An apse in which there is NOT an altar.

The absence of the Corinthian order.

The pulpit placed where it is?

AN unraised and uncanopied altar.
Will come back to this later.

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