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Re: Oral hearing into the reordering of the interior of St. Colman’s Cathedral, Cobh

The following is a submission made by one Guy Edwards of the Cliveden Conservation Workshops on behalf of the Trustees of the Cathedral. He claims that he would have no difficulty whatsoever in lifting a 30sq foot mosaic from the Chancel floor, atomizing it, and relaying bits and pieces of it in various unspecified places in the Cathedral. He was brough into the hearing by the Trustees because a previous report supplied by Trevor Caley gave no guarantees that such lifting would be possible without damage to the fabric of the moasic. Mr. Edward cited a recent example of such work in London where he managed to lift a mosaic with a need to replace ONLY 30% of the original tesserae.

Mr Edwards, along with a number of others, entered the Cathedral in Cobh in the dark of night on Tuesday 28 February 2006 and bored two holes in the floor of the sanctuary. This caused a gasp of unbelief at the Oral Hearing. It also emerged that he (nor anyone else) had not applied for planning permission to make such an intervention and no Declaration had been made. In fact, this act was an unlawful act and subject to sanctions. Had he done it in the UK he would face prosecution and the clinker. It is to be hoped that the acedia of Cobh Town Council can be moved to prosecute this vandal before anyone else gets the idea that they can simply walk into Cobh Cathedral and hack it to bits with imunity.

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