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@Gianlorenzo wrote:

Oswald. GET A LIFE !!!!

There is no vendetta against Bishop Magee and, even if there were, he is a big boy and can defend himself.
If you are concerned with Liturgy- read up on it. You may be surprised to learn that what was proposed for Cobh Cathedral is nowhere mention in relevant Vatican document.
Regarding the infamous Guidelines on Architectural Heritage protection read what Noel O’Driscoll of An Taisce has to say.
Finally – Grow Up. Coming to the discussion at this stage and getting personal is childish to say the least. Try coming with constructive and original points.

An Taisce insist on strict compliance with the “infamous” Guidelines when it suits their purpose.

It was considered to be “a threat to democracy” when An Bord Pleanala overruled its Inspector, and ignored the outcome of the oral hearing, in granting permission for the incinerator at Ringaskiddy. Where are the outraged democrats now?

The Board’s role in the planning process is often described as that of a referee. Having been howled at for a dubious decision in Ringaskiddy was it not inevitable that they would use the opportunity of the St. Coleman’s appeal to even things up – particularly as we head into an election year.

Should planners be allowed to dictate to a religious denomination that only Victorian liturgy may be celebrated in a Victorian church?

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