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Thanks Gianlorenzo for the fine pictures of the medallions, all of which bear references to Christ: IC is Iesous, Jesus in Greek; XC is Christos, Christ in Greek, the chi-rho or XP are the first two letters of the Greek Christos; the alpha and omega symbolise Christ the beginning and end, the IHS is Latin, referring to the name of Jesus or Iesus hominum salvator, Jesus the saviour of men. Most appropriate around an altar of sacrifice, where Christ’s saving work for all takes place and is communicated anew. The prevalence of crowns in a number of the medallions and the star of David in one of the medallions, reminds us that Christ is the true King – that of course is also clear in the very name “Christ”, the anointed one.
It seems from the photos that there is some damage in places, which needs to be attended to.
The wanton drilling of holes in the mosaic is an act of vandalism that beggars belief. How can those responsible get away with such a thing? Even the barbarians who attacked Rome in the early Christian centuries did not damage churches!!
Surely, while the matter is under examination by Bord Pleanala, no one apart from the Bord could possibly grant permission for such an act. If the Bord didn’t give permission, those responsible should not be allowed to get away without facing the legal consequences of their destructive actions on a heritage building of primary importance.

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