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@THE_Chris wrote:

Im not going to get into this debate as both sides are firmly entrenched. But I will say this.

I am a bit disappointed in how the media and everyone on here are labelling John Magee as some form of mad heretic with a death sentence for us all. He’s been portrayed in a terrible way by the media and it seems there is a massive hate campaign against him by all.

I can say with hand on heart, knowing him personally, that is is the nicest man anyone could ever hope to meet. He is the most caring person I know. Very quiet and a bit shy, but get to know him and he is a great laugh, and the kindest man you could ever know.

Unfortunately, the media never acknowledge this, and everyones opinion of him is swayed by that.

He is now scared to leave his house because of the viscousness of this campaign against him. He used to take walks all over Cobh island. He cant risk it anymore. Would you go out on your own having received DEATH THREATS though the mail?

You read that right.

Please, if you want to have a campaign against the reordering then thats fine by me – its your opinion, but dont resort to personal attacks against John Magee. He doesnt deserve that.

I am not part of the campaign, but have been following the events with interest. Kind man and wit though he may be, Bishop Magee has in this instance shown himself to be a poor pastor and a worse catechist. How does one say this in the nicest possible way? How would someone who knows him personally tell him?

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