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@ake wrote:

1.Just for clarity could someone explain what exactly reordering is: What the effects are on the cathedral and why people want to do it? As an aside – are georgian mansions the only protected buildings in ireland? Are churches not considered heritage to be protected from the whims of the vatican?

To Ake

1. Re-ordering is a term used by church authorities as a misnomer in an attempt to persuade parishioners that what they intend to do the sanctuaries of their churches is a simple moving about of furniture, when in fact it usually entails the removal of much loved features such as high altars, altar rails, statuary, pulpits, sediliae etc. and the insertion of modern and inappropriate furnishings. [This is a very simplistic answer and I know when Praxitele comes on he will give you a fuller explanation.]

The real tragedy here is that these changes are carried out in the name of ‘liturgical requirement’ from Vatican II, which is quite simply a LIE. These things are not required liturgically, or otherwise, and are usually the personal preferences of the local clerics. It has almost become ‘keeping up with the Joneses’.

I think you would find that, if asked, the vast majority of parishioners involved would say no to these changes, but the whole process is carefully orchastrated so that their opinion is neither invited nor welcome. Therefore the effects on these people is devastation and they would argue that what has occurred is not re-ordering, but destruction, thus the title of this thread. An example of this was seen in Cobh, where when asked c.97% of the adult population opposed the porposed changes, thus the current appeal to APB and oral hearing.
he effect of this in Ireland has been the loss of some priceless works of art and in many cathedrals and churches the skewing of the orientation and raison d’etre of the building.

Your question regarding the heritage aspect is good. One would have thought ,in this day and age, that our public bodies would not feel the necessity of kowtowing to some members of the clergy, particularly against the wishes of the people, but sadly it appears that in some quarters they are happy to allow the destruction of our ecclesiastical architectural heritage. One of the reasons for this, I believe, is that the media are almost completely silent on this issue. Another is that in most cases people have been faced with a fait accompli and feel helpless to do anything about it. This would change if the great lie of ‘liturgical requirement’ were exposed.
In the end it comes down to “who cares?” Not enough people of influence, is the answer.

One final note on this part of your question, the whim involved here has nothing whatsoever to do with the Vatican, the whim is very much an Irish infection, albeit imported from America and parts of the UK.

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