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The venerable house of Cogs indeed.

OK, to the best of my recollection, but I could be wrong, they never said any of this etc etc.

I asked about the wisdom of filling in Georges Dock for the Abbey. She stated that it wasn’t going to be filled in but the Abbey built in the centre of it with a moat effect around the sides. The cost of continually draining and refilling the dock for current shows was proving costly. She thought the loss of the water body, historic docklands feature would be outwayed by the benefits of having the national theatre in the docklands.

I asked if it was a good idea to anchor the CHQ with a department store and would a cultural (say Museum) anchor tennent not be better. She agreed but said that their studies showed that Dublin was over populated with Museums and although she would have liked something similar to go in there after three years of trying it just never happened.

I asked if the hight restrictions in the north Lotts would be raised now that the Point Village Tower was going to be 100m and the current hight levels in the IFSC meant that there was not sufficient density of people to create a 24 hour urban environment. She said (ED;as far as I remember, I could be wrong) that the hight restrictions would be revised to allow taller buildings down there now that the bar had been raised by the Beacon Tower.

I asked why the cycle lanes were so badly designed with chicanes and a stop start approach. She didn’t give much of a response on this (not sure how much cycling she does). I pressed the point that if there was any more development on the campshires that they should have clear destinctions between path ways and cycle ways with signs showing who should be where (and no more chicanes). I hammered this point home a bit but the crowd began to grown so we moved on.

Within the presentation the mentioned the following (or maybe I imagined it)

They are not sure as what to do with the BJ Marine buildings on the soutern campshires but recognise their current state cannot be left.

The Luas will take about three years before it gets down to the point.

The Macken St. (Beckett) bridge guys should be on site very soon (a month maybe) to start to prep the site for the bridge build. Also to take about three years.

There are no immediate plans to run buses down the southside. Could be another 3 years (noticing a pattern hear yet ?) before Dubin Bus puts in a route.

The bridge connecting Britain Quay and York road will only carry buses (this wasn’t very clear so not sure what the purpose of building a bridge for only buses is). It will take guess how long ? 3 years.

The Liebskin theatre will take 5 years but the fancy red & green instillation will be finished next year.

The U2 Tower is out to tender as we know.

The national conference centre build is a matter being discussed by Treasury and the government at the moment

I didn’t get to ask about the Travellers or Bolands mill (not even sure if that site is within their remit).

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