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There would be no point in going back in for planning unless there was a change made to the new proposal to counteract the reason for the restriction in th efirst place. more often than not a planner would simply make the same decision as the previous application (ie why would they undermine a previous decision without any compromise?)

as sw101 asks, is there any reason given for the restriction?? you should be able to access the planners report at this stage, read it and see what it says.
there may have been a restriction because:
1. extent of overshadowing adjoining properties
2. the private rear amenity space may have been reduced too much… is it?
3. maintain existing building lines of adjoining extension (?, mad yes, but ive seen this happen)

i certainly wouldnt build 5m and retain because isnt there then high likelihood of refusal…..

a new ammended application is the only course of action in my opinion.

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