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Post codes:

Apparently the post codes roll out in 2008. They’re still finalising the details.

We definitely do need them. The major problem is that Ireland has lots and lots of non-unique addresses and very vague fuzzy addresses. Reliable delivery of mail / packages and other items requires extensive local knowledge which is all held by your local post man who is an An Post employee.

If this postman/woman changes job, etc it can take months for mail to arrive reliably again.

But, more fundementally, for other operators DHL, TNT, FedEX and others there is a major problem delivering to addresses as they’re often very difficult to locate.

This often makes package delivery in Ireland very slow and in efficient once you go outside of central business districts of cities.

Add to that the inability of emergency services to easily locate addresses!
A post code can identify a property far far more effectively than a typical Irish address.

Finally, adding a post code line to our addresses avoids the need to have to change them to a more logical format. We can keep traditional townlands, etc etc address bilingually …
As it stands there are some areas where people have to put neighbouring counties on their addresses to ensure reliable delivery !!!

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