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The description on the application must match the description on the site notices and, if permitted, the development must accord with the details submitted.

Or are you talking about the planner in the LA using different terminology from that used in the application when preparing the LA’s response? It’s not clear from your first post.

‘…open to interpretation’ is something that should be avoided at all times.


If this is the same case as the other queries you’ve posted recently, I think it’s time you got a consultant to have a proper look at it or, in the case of the conflict between enforcement and retention that you posted elsewhere, get a solicitor. Not to gripe too much, but these queries are all very piecemeal and I’d be concerned that, in the interests of saving a few quid, you’re jeopardising your chances of getting the best outcome from your perspective. There’s only so much we can do here based on scant info and a general lack of familiarity with the details of the case, and in this case it seems the details are crucial. It would probably be money well spent.

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